Admission Requirements to the Special Education Degree Program

Admission Requirements
In addition to the admissions requirements to HSU's Graduate School and the Master of Science in Education Programs, the Graduate Program in Special Education also requires the following specific admission requirements:

1. Evidence of the possession of a standard teacher’s license from the state of Arkansas
Concurrent enrollment in an accredited program leading to standard initial license
2. Three letters of recommendations – one each from a peer, current or immediate past supervisor, and an Institution of Higher Education (IHE) academic
3. Current Resume
4. Signed Release of Information form from the HSU Graduate Office
5. Written essay which is to address the following:
Philosophy of Special Education
Autobiographical information on why you are choosing to enter into the special education field
6. Initial formal interview with a minimum of two graduate faculty members, one of which must be from the graduate special education program.

Based on the results of this assessment process, an individualized licensure plan is formulated. This plan represents the necessary coursework for the candidate to develop the required competencies to be licensed.

In terms of the Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) program, however, Henderson is bound by course credit. The Graduate Program in Special Education requires 33 hours of specific graduate course work. All graduate students must take at least 33 hours of course work to receive the M.S.E. Those students who have taken similar courses previously and who meet state requirements for the course will have alternative courses substituted in their plan for meeting the 33-hour course work requirements for the MSE degree.


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