Admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching Degree Program

The Graduate School is the initial admission center for all prospective candidates.

The candidate must have a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree from an accredited college or university verified with an official transcript. If the candidate does not have an undergraduate major in a licensure field additional content course work may be required. Along with the application to the Graduate School, the following should be submitted:


  1. All official transcripts
  2. A current resume
  3. Passing state required scores for Praxis I Core
 Full admission is based upon the following requirements: 
  •  2.7 GPA cumulative OR
  •  3.0 average or above on the last 60 hours of undergraduate credit.


     Conditional admission is based upon the following requirements.

    • 2.5 GPA cumulative AND
    • a score of 380 on the Miller's Analogies Test (MAT)or a combined score of 800 on the verbal/quantitative sections of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) AND
    • the candidate must maintain a "B" average.


    The Graduate School will forward completed application packets to the MAT Degree Coordinator who will facilitate the final admission process. The MAT Degree Admissions Committee, chaired by the MAT Coordinator and composed of HSU faculty, public school administrators and faculty, will interview all prospective candidates.

    If accepted into the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program, candidates will submit passing Praxis I Core and II scores, complete a criminal background check, and be hired as a teacher of record which allows one to be eligible for a provisional license.

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