Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)

Educational Specialist


Since 1978, Henderson State University (HSU) has provided exceptional educational programming for school administrators at the master degree level as well as for post baccalaureate students seeking certification for the principalship. Henderson’s school leadership program is recognized throughout Arkansas educational circles and Henderson graduates are highly recruited as educational leaders.

To ensure that graduate students preparing for senior level educational administration positions or superintendency have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills and dispositions  necessary to be productive and successful school leaders, Henderson is committed to the development and delivery of an exemplary post master’s degree program in educational leadership.


Mission Statement: 

The HSU Educational Leadership Educational Specialist program prepares candidates for P-12 district level leadership roles and empowers them to work collaboratively with diverse populations.  Our stakeholders include parents, community, civic organizations, business, media, teachers, and students.  The program is designed to improve the leader’s skills in impacting student achievement and the quality of life for students through excellence in teaching, learning, service, technology, and leadership. 

The Educational Leadership Department supports the Teachers College mission by focusing on communication, professionalism, knowledge and best practices.  The department also focuses on the following dispositions: 

1. We are professionals.

2. We value diversity.

3. We are fair to all students.

4. We have a sense of efficacy.

5. We care for students and their families.

6. We are reflective.


The Henderson Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) program in school leadership is an innovative response to an increased demand for prepared school leaders for the 21st Century. Careful planning for this degree program included involvement with Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE), other Arkansas four-year institutions offering the Ed.S. degree, and a diverse group of instate stakeholders including the Arkansas Leadership Academy and the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA). The Henderson program incorporates the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC), the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and  the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A). 





Degree Plans

Degree Plans for Educational Specialist 


An M.S.E. in Educational Leadership or the completion of an approved program of study including the following prerequisites: 

EDL 6413 Intro to Research or EDL 6123 Research for Educational Practitioners
EDL 6103 Leadership in the Public Schools or EDL 6213 Organizational Leadership
EDL 6453 Educational Law and Political Systems
SPE 6313 Special Education Law
EDL 6333 School Finance and Resource Management
EDL 6223 Supervision and Educational Leadership
EDL 6533 Leadership Internship II or EDL 6533 Internship in Building Level Leadership
        (EDL 6533 Includes preparation for portfolio presentation)

Core Courses (24 HOURS) for superintendent licensure: 

EDL 7113 – Executive Leadership
EDL 7123 – Organizational Management
EDL 7723 – Technology for District Administrators

EDL 7363 – Governance and Politics
EDL 7483 – Human Resources and Accountability
EDL 7593 – Fiscal Resources and Accountability
EDL 7613 – Mentorship in Educational Leadership

Core:  Curriculum Option or Technology Option (3 hours of technology or curriculum)        

EDL 7473 – Leadership of Curriculum and Instruction
EDL 7703 – Integrating Technology  

24 TOTAL CORE HOURS (21 hours + 3 hours curriculum or technology)

Technology Option (3 additional technology hours for the technology certificate option)

EDL 7713 – Technology for Communication 


Curriculum Option (9 additional curriculum hours for the curriculum program administrator option) 

EDL 7633 – Curriculum Alignment and Assessment
EDL 6623 – Curriculum Strategies for Ed. Leaders

EDL 6643 – Curriculum Specialist (Internship)  


Degree Option (30 hours for the Ed.S. Degree)
24 Hour Core
3 Hours (EDL 7713 or EDL 7633)
3 Hours Research (EDL 7233)


Link to the Educational Specialist Candidacy Form 

Link to Course Syllabi 

Link to MSE and EDS Course Descriptions 

Link to MSE/EDS Scheduled Events 


A portfolio is an individualized collection of purposeful, interrelated materials which is ongoing and flexible.  The portfolio becomes an assessment tool, which leads to self-improvement through the development of reflective thinking and inquiry.  The portfolio experience also provides a model for the continuous professional development of educational administrators in the world of practice. The students will select artifacts from class assignments and align them to the appropriate ELCC and ISLLC and NETS-A standards. They will select at least one artifact for each standard.  They will write reflections that demonstrate how the artifact helped them master the standard. The portfolio will be evaluated using a rubric aligned to the ELCC standards 1-6 as well as the ISLLC standards 1-6 and the NETS-A standards 1-5. 

Link to Exit Portfolio Guidelines 
Link to Exit Portfolio Standards  


Henderson State Teachers College

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Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71999-0001


Dr. Pat Weaver, Professor - 

870-230-5277; Room 217


Mr. Don Benton, Assistant Professor - 

870-230-5353; Room 252


Ms. Brenda Driggers, Administrative Assistant - 

870-230-5267; Room 218


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