Undergraduate Research on Freshwater Sponges

Mission Statement

The mission of the Biology Department is to offer a superior undergraduate education in biological science. The structure of the program allows students substantial freedom to individualize their course of study, while still ensuring that each receives a broad exposure to fundamental areas in the field of biology, as well as solid foundations in chemistry and mathematics. The laboratory experiences offered by the department require that students develop competence in the use of modern biological techniques, and in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. The department supports Henderson’s overall mission as Arkansas’s public liberal arts university by providing courses for students of all majors, allowing them to better understand the physical universe, participate as concerned, intelligent citizens, and appreciate appropriate uses of technology. Additionally, courses are offered that provide nursing and other paramedical students with strong foundations that allow them to enter their advanced program-specific courses.


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Date last modified: 11 November 2010

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"Simply, Henderson helped me to develop the strong educational foundation that allowed me to become a more proficient and dedicated student, and that paved the way for my success in becoming a veterinarian."

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Jay Deluhery, DVMBachelor of Science - Biology, 2006
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