Student Works

As you can see, our students stay busy. Here are some examples of presentations our students have made recently (2010 onward), some as posters and some before audiences. For mentor information, see the respective CVs. This page is about the students!

Southwestern Psychological Association

CaLynn Danielle Blacklock. Happy pets, happy people: Physiological and psychological effects of pet therapy
Christine Dickson. Professional massage and its impact on psychophysiological correlates
Holly de Sambourg. Military combat exposure: Visual imagery and emotional desensitization of soldiers
Logan Emily Elmore. Love is patient, love is kind: Spiritual values in relationships before marriage
Benjamin Graves. From clever chickens to crafty cats.
Morgan DeAnne Stidham. Guilty or not guilty: Factors that influence the votes of jurors
Lauren Tannahill. Consequences of parental divorce
Felisha Thomas. Empathy and social satisfaction: The role of parental relationships

Kory Langley. Religion and prosociality: The replication of a study.

Kami Ball. Counterintuitive concepts: Transfers, breaches, and transfer/breaches on recall and recognition.
J. Bishop. Racial prejudice: A feature of religious fundamentalism or response to hate preaching? 
Andrea Mustafa. Video game addiction: Performance and arousal

K. Bennett. Prejudices against Muslims: A comparison of paper-pencil and implicit association tests.
Lucia Andrade. Self-esteem: An outlook on anxiety and test performance.
Deanna Hemphill. The effect and the type of information and distraction on working memory.
Camille Hollis. Gender differences in detecting tone of voice. 
Ashley M. Lehman. Physical and mental stress and ways to reduce it through relaxation.
Leslie M. Thompson. Attitudes toward date rape and the effects of alcohol.  
Shannon Witting. Working memory, distraction, and recall.

Jacquelyn Louise Allen. A cockatoo to cheer you: Animal assisted therapy using an umbrella cockatoo.
Bethany Baldwin. Perceived notions on personal relationships with people with disabilities. 
Justina Delong. Religiosity, religious experiences, and emotions. 
Tracy Michelle Kimble. Child abuse: Race and relationship to the caregiver.
Sara E. Sebek. Abortion: A look at knowledge and attitudes in college students.
Gabriel Uriah Slade. Heroes and villains: Empathy and priming effects on concern for film characters.
Shannon Witting. Working memory: A comparison of different irrelevant background sounds.

Arkansas Symposium for Psychology Students

Haley Best. Eating disorder epidemic: Reversing the plague.
Logan Elmore. Seeking harmony: Music therapy as a coping skill for stressed college students.
Benjamin Graves. Venturing through the mazes of parenting style in search of academic motivation.
Samantha Hunter. Gummy bears or licorice: The influence of sensory cues and brand labels on sweet treats.
Hannah Rowsey. Discouraging the bully, encouraging the victim: Bullies, victims, and the role of peer relationships.

Arkansas Undergraduate Research Conference

Alex C. Andronikos. Behavior modification in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” 
Calynn D. Blacklock. Rx pet therapy.
Emily J. Blanton. Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter.
Stephanie G. Bledsoe. Autism in transition from high school to college.
Mitchell A. Cullins. Music effects on learning and recall of pre-existing knowledge.
Holly de Sambourg. Combat exposure on soldiers' emotional response to visual stimuli.
Cheyenne N. Derr. Children with special needs: A contribution to bettering lives.
Kyle D. Douglas. Problem-focused and emotional-focused coping in math and non-math majors solving sudoku.
Christine Dickson, Hunter A. Wayland, & Randi K. Lovell. The impact of professional massage on psychological and physiological correlates.
Jacob Dickerson. Personality, video games, and the correlation to aggression.
Logan E. Elmore. Love is patient, love is kind: A look at intrinsic/extrinsic spiritual values in relationships before marriage.
Britney Foster. American History X: Creating and overcoming the transmission of racism across generations.
Brianna M. George. Forerunners and forefathers: An academic genealogy.
Myca S. Grant. Music and aggression.
Benjamin L. Graves. Fowl play: Chickens training humans.
Katheryn R. Griffith. The power of fear: Is it really paranoia when the monsters are out to get you? 
Jessica A. Kuettle. Church and religious influences on students' academic performance.
Desiree D. Jarrell. A rush of egos: Who is more narcissistic? 
Jessica D. Lewis. Hard candy: Preying on the predator.
William J. Lundberg. Depression among young and elderly.
David W. Lusher. False memories and their relationship to self-esteem.
Lauren P. Manning. Thoughtful eating.
Brian C. Maulden. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a cluster B personality disorder.
Benjamin Joseph Petty. What’s wrong with Wolverine? 
Samantha Proffit. Scarecrow: Bully to terrorist.
Samantha Proffit. Sucker Punch: Safety in dreams.
Chelsea C. Relf. The risk of our youth today: Teenage pregnancy and abuse.
Marissa N. Rowley. Children of divorced parents and stable families: Intimate relationships based on past experiences.
Kelli D. Sanford. Awareness of depression: Recognizing silent suffering.
Sean J. Shuttleworth. Information recall when parallel to pop culture examples.
Aungelique R. Sledge. Selective attention and emotion.
Valerie R. Speers. Anxiety and adolescence: The pursuit of a peaceful future.
Morgan D. Stidham. Juror influences: Guilty or not guilty.
Lauren A. Tannahill. Consequences of parental divorce: Increasing intimate and peer relationship satisfaction.
Felisha R. Thomas. Influences of the parent/child relationship on the adult life: Empathy and social satisfaction.
Bree B. Vanley. Satisfaction and jealousy in relationships with significant others.
Carly D. Weaver. Impact of emotional state on creative performances.
Brandon Wiley. Obsession in “The Prestige.”  
Brandon Wiley. The effect of feedback on test anxiety.

CaLynn Blacklock. A study of fear and religion.
Haley E. Best. Reversing the plague of the eating disorder epidemic.
Mitchell A. Cullins. Dawning of dynamic powers during differing developmental degrees.
Christine Dickson. The Wasp’s sting: Cluster B personality disorders.
Lacey D. Earls. Let’s play: Play therapy and adolescents with behavior disorders.
Logan Elmore. Music therapy and academic stress in college students.
Brianna M. George. Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. – can a psychopath be a hero? 
Kyla D. Golden. Self-actualization and the Silver Surfer.
Benjamin L. Graves. Adler and Ant-Man: Feeling big by growing small.
Benjamin L. Graves. Running the maze: The roots of academic motivation in parenting style.
Mitchell D. Green. Captain America and the hierarchy of needs: We want YOU to self-actualize! 
Jacob A. Holt. Empathy, altruism, and the bystander effect.
Samantha G. Hunter. Battle of the best candy: A look into sensory cues and brand bias.
Samantha G. Hunter. Marvel Girl: A look into posttraumatic stress disorder through comics.
Kory D. Langley. A study of religious fundamentalism and its relationship to prosociality. 
Brian G. Lott. The Black Widow’s web of psychological manipulation. 
Hannah M. Rowsey. Bullies, victims, and peer relations revisited.
Sean J. Shuttleworth. Discrimination in fiction: Real world problems through the filter of the X-Men.

Lucia Andrade. Yerkes-Dodson revisited: Arousal, task difficulty, and performance in college students.
Kamiron A. Ball. The mnemonic advantages of counterintuitive concepts using tranfers, breeches, and transfer-breeches.
Kara J. Baker. Teamwork as a function of gender and sports.
Jasmine E. Bishop. Love your enemies: Investigating racially prejudiced attitudes in religious fundamentalists.
Amanda G. Blaylock. Shyness, introversion, and social demands.  
Shawny K. Bostian. Effects of sensory deprivation and temperament on creativity.
Zac Bresler. Scarecrow: The psychologist of fear.
Mitchell A. Cullins. Batgirl begins: Altruistic vs. sensation seeking motives for costumed crime fighting. 
C. T. Freeman. Bane: Effects of orphanhood. 
Chelsea D. Garcia. Sexuocity within religiosity: Was Freud right? 
Myca Grant. Marian Breland Bailey: Animal behaviorist extraordinaire.
C. Hall. Camouflage on the football field: Effects of uniform and background compatibility.
Josephine H. Kauffman. Save the arts! The fight to save our children.
Kory D. Langley. The frozen heart of the frozen man. 
Brian G. Lott. Ra’s al Ghul: Effects of immortality on environmental concerns and son-in-law selection.
Jessica Mabry. The alteration of anxiety and moods derived from images.
Andrea I. Mustafa. Sexual dysfunction and depression: A cross-cultural view.
A. M. Pate. Nonverbal communication, fear, and leather. 
Adrienne B. Petty. The Mad Hatter: Hats, tea, and a look into the psychology. 
Samantha K. Proffit. Scarecrow: The fear of bullying. 
Hannah M. Rowsey. Two branches of the same tree: An academic genealogy. 
Sean J. Shuttleworth. Cold hearted: Crimes of passion. 
G. D. Smith. The level of aggression across men and women involved in competitive sports.
Marla J. Stephenson. “Happy plates”: Nutrition on emotional response and academic performance.
Susan Strother. Change blindness and weapon focus in court: More than justice is blind.
Whitney M. Syler. From psychiatrist to criminal: A psychological analysis of Harley Quinn.
Chelsea L. Walker. Measuring of attraction based on the influence of self-esteem and stereotypes in relationships.
Kiara D. Yancey. The influence of fundamentalism and factual knowledge on prejudice against Pentecostal-Charismatic worship.

Lucia Andrade. Anxiety and test performance as a function of self-esteem.
Erica K. Ash. Stereotypes about substance users as related to socioeconomic status.
Emily A. Austin. Adctd 2 txt? The effects of cell phone dependency on test anxiety.
Clare Barlow. The joint effects of progressive muscle relaxation and caffeine on anxiety levels.
Kamryan L. Bennett. Prejudice against Muslims in college students: Implicit associations, gender, and religiosity.
Jasmine Bishop. Do the right thing: Morality, ethics, and defying social norms in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Kasey L. Black. Views on Christians and Muslims based on religiosity and gender.
Shawny K. Bostian. Dr. Mary Beth Trubitt: An archeological genealogy.
Heather Boyett. First impressions and perception of intelligence.
Wesley Brooks. The effects of competitiveness and aggression.
Lauren L. Callis. Empathy’s correlation to students’ values and career choices.
Nikki L. Calloway. Who needs respect?
Tasha Davis. Does music have an effect on learning?
Cheyenne B. Evans. Operation Prom Night: College students.
Cameron S. Hall. Good cop, bad cop: Effects of priming and personal experience on perception of police officers.
Cameron S. Hall. How your best friend really feels about you: A moral dilemma, a separate peace.
Danyelle Harris. To triumph over abuse: Examination of motivational influences in Sapphire’s novel Push.
DeAnna L. Hemphill. Surviving the deliverance: Can it still be paranoia when they really are out to get you?
DeAnna L. Hemphill. The effects of information type and distraction on working memory.
Carla J. Hollinshed. Demystifying panic attacks.
Brittany N. Houck. Who is to blame for the rise in teenage pregnancies?
Sara C. Hollis. Gender differences in decoding type of voice.
Nick Langley. What tempers the Man of Steel?
Cody LeDoux. Fighting the curse: Identity achievement vs. role-playing confusion.
Ashley M. Lehman. Physical and mental stress.
Brian Lott. The one face of Two-Face.
Erika L. McCaghren. Effects of a Co-witness and Self-esteem on eyewitness confidence.
Taiquera McNeely. A study on praise and testing and their relationship to test anxiety.
Ruby J. Moody. How retroactive interference and gender affect memory recall in eyewitness memory.
Andrea I. Mustafa. The academic genealogy of Dr. Aneeq Ahmad.
Nathan Nall. The Wonderlific Personnel Test as a predictor of athletic performance.
Jessica A. Purcell. Adaptation to university life: Stress and coping among students.
Josue U. Ramirez. Video games and our reaction time.
Sara Sebek. Suck it! Ego-dystonic vampirism in the works of Stephanie Meyer.
Gabriel U. Slade. Jungian archetypes in Wise Blood.
Leslie M. Thompsom. The effects of alcohol on opinions of date rape.
Branaie A. Weems. Operant approach to second language training.
Shannon Witting. Working memory and distractibility.
Cassidy L. Wilson. Mathematics related anxiety and the effects of timed testing.
Ann L. Yazak. Disposition and delinquency in A Clockwork Orange: Fundamental psychopathy or fundamental attribution error? 
Ann L. Yazak. Effects of perceived sexual orientation upon personal space boundaries

Jacquelyn Allen. Animal assisted therapy: A comparative study.
Erica K. Ash. Red planet, Black Lantern.
Erica K. Ash, Wesley P. Brooks, Brad S. Vincent, Cassidy L. Wilson, Nick Langley, Thaddeus Lloyd, Justin Slaughter, & Summer Delezen. The enemy you know: Frustration and aggression against the known versus unknown video game opponent.
Kristin Baker. Test anxiety among college students.
Bethany D. Baldwin. Perceived notions on personal relationship with people with disabilities.
Summer Delezen. Perspective and paranoia.
Justina L. DeLong. Religiosity, religious experiences, and emotions.
Mary S. Derrick. The halo effects and its relationship to religious judgments.
Daniel Dismuke. Zeroing in on Expressiveness Beyond Racial Ambiguity – Z.E.B.R.A.
Laura Nicole Garner. Eyewitness testimonies: Fact or fiction?
David L. Harp, J. Leadership styles: A look at positive and negative management affecting worker productivity.
Tracy M. Kimble. Race and gender effects on perceptions of child abuse seriousness.
Lacey A. McCaskill. Psychological effects of media: Aggressive behavior. 
Kenny Norman. It’s all Greek to me: Factors influencing perception of university organizations and alcohol consumption.
Jamie Owens. Electric dreams: How video games and relaxation exercises influence dream content.
Matt Ragan. From Batman’s bedroom to Vice City: Retrospective and prospective look at the demonization of entertainment media.
Sara E. Sebek. Abortion redux: Knowledge and attitudes among college students.
Gabriel U. Slade. Feelings to fit the crime: Offense type and trait empathy influence concern for film characters.
Gabriel Slade, Nikki L. Calloway, Ben K. Fry, Cameron S. Hall, Marcus P. Meier, Laura A. Yazak. Chain saw symphonies: The role of congruent and incongruent music in horror films.
Candace L. Stokes. A study of changing attitudes toward glossolalia.
Danielle Watson. Attribution of blame in domestic violence.
Wesley W. Windham. Achievement-related expectancies: When tone affects task.
Shannon Witting. Irrelevant background sounds and age-related changes in working memory

Comics Arts Conference

Benjamin Graves. Adler and Ant-Man: Growing small to feel big.
Jacob Holt. The Malcolm X-Men effect: Magneto as Darwinist and civil rights leader.
Samantha Hunter. Telekinesis, telepathy, and trauma: Jean Grey unleashes her powers.
Brian Lott. The Black Widow’s web of psychological manipulation.
Tiffany Pitcock. A crowded nest: Applying Adler’s birth order to the Robins.
Halee Smith. The incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner’s alternate identity or rage personified?  

Mitchell Cullins. Batgirl begins: Altruistic vs. sensation seeking motives for costumed crime fighting.
Benjamin Graves. The worth of a Pennyworth.

Erica Ash. Hooked, line and sinker: Addiction and drug use portrayed in comics.

Erica Ash. Red planet, Black Lantern.
Alex Langley. Correlates of addictive behavior among comics readers and video game players.
Dustin Nevill. The spider, the bat, and the man from another planet: An ERIICA Project investigation

Film Appearance

The documentary Legends of the Knight directed by Brett Culp includes a 5-minute feature on our faculty and students, with appearances by students including Zac Breslin, Mitchell Cullins, Brian Lott, J. D. Roberts, Nikki Robertson, Sean Shuttleworth, and the rest of our 2011 Batman special topics class.

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