Program Outcomes

Last year, there were 21 graduates of Henderson State University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Our graduates consistently achieve high passage rates on licensing examinations. The pass rate for graduates taking the NCE examination in 2013 was 95%. Of those that had to take the exam again our rate increased to 99%. Of the admitted students, 90% graduate from the program because they desire to complete their degree. The 10% who do not finish choose to leave the program for personal reasons for choose a different vocational endeavor. 100% of our graduates found employment.

Our School Counseling Track reports similar percentages which can be seen below. Recent changes by the Department of Education in Arkansas now requires that all those applicants seeking a degree in school counseling must pass the Praxis Core in order to be admitted into our program. All of the graduates in our school counseling program find jobs quickly after graduating.

HSU's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program

Applicants Accepted90%
Number of Students Enrolled65     
Number of Graduates21
Completion Rate96%
LPC Examination Pass Rate95
Job Placement Rate98

HSU's School Counseling Program

Applicants Accepted95%
Number of Students Enrolled9
Number of Graduates1
Completion Rate100%
NCE Examination Pass Rate95%

This represents the pass rate of school counseling students who have chosen to take the NCE to become nationally certified.

Praxis Pass Rate95%
Job Placement rate100%

Many students in our school counseling program are employed as teachers and decide to stay in their teaching position after graduation. The job placement rate provided above represents only the program graduates who were actively seeking employment as school counselors.

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