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Hours of Operation for July 2014 


Monday, July 14th-Thursday, July 17th: 8am-5pm 

Friday, July 18th: 8am-3pm

Saturday, July 19th-Sunday, July 20th: CLOSED

Monday, July 21st-Wednesday, July 23rd: 8am-5pm

Thursday, July 24th: 8am-8pm

Friday, July 25th: 8am-3pm

Saturday, July 26th-Sunday, July 27th: CLOSED

Monday, July 28th- Wednesday, July 30th: 8am-8pm

Thursday, July 31st: 8am-8pm



The Garrison Center serves as the central location for scheduling of campus activities for Henderson State University. The Garrison Center also serves as the home of the school newspaper, The Oracle, the school yearbook, The Star, the campus radio station, KSWH, the Reddie Bookstore, and the Reddie Cafe. The Associate Dean of Student Services along with the Associate Dean for Academic Services offices are located in the building.

The conference areas provide ample meeting space for student organizations, faculty and staff meetings and off-campus meetings. There is also a 300-seat lecture hall for guest speakers and student activities. The Garrison Center is also home to three racquetball courts for students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

Scheduling for the Garrison Center is done through the Garrison Center Information Office on the first floor of the Garrison Center or call 870-230-5228.








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Graves has an outstanding reputation for research in southern history.

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