Band Audition Dates and Scholarship Information

All Henderson State University students (music majors and non-majors) are eligible for talent-based band performance scholarships.
To audition for a band scholarship - set up an audition date and college visit with Dr. Pawelski.
Most students prepare All-Region sheet music for their scholarship audition. There still is scholarship money available, but you must ACT NOW!
Students interested in scholarships should also check the Henderson Financial Aid Information.

For more information or to schedule an audition, please contact us: (870) 230-5054. 


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 “The undergraduate education in music that I received from Henderson has changed my life by opening doors for me both educationally and professionally. It prepared me for success by giving me the tools necessary to be a successful music educator. My BME achieved at Henderson afforded me opportunities for success in graduate and post graduate studies as well as professional advancement in addition to allowing my family and me the employment and thus financial security that is so precarious today without such educational opportunities. I am grateful to Henderson State University.”

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Kevin TaylorBachelor of Music - Education (Instrumental), 1982
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