Arkansas Child Maltreatment Reporting / Mandatory Reporting

As of July 1, 2012, all employees of Henderson State University are required to report suspected abuse or neglect of children directly to the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline.  The university requires each employee to participate in Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse Training so that they understand their obligations under the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Reporting Act.   

CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE 1-800-482-5964

Arkansas Child Abuse and Neglect Website


Training for Henderson State University Employees

All employees of HSU are required to have the Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse Training. 

The office of general counsel conducts periodic training and announces these opportunities through supervisors and email.  Please contact your supervisor or Elaine Kneebone for questions or training times.

Ms. Elaine M. Kneebone
General Counsel
HSU Box 7744
Arkadelphia, AR  71999-0001
FAX 870-230-5147 


Ark. Code Annotated 12-18-402(a)

Reports of suspected abuse or neglect 

An individual listed as a mandated report under this subsection shall immediately notify the Child Abuse Hotline if he or she has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has  

- been subjected to child maltreatment; or 

- died as a result of child maltreatment; or  

Observes a child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonably result in child maltreatment. 


What is "reasonable cause to suspect"? 

  • Reasonable cause is also known as "probable cause"
  • Probable cause is defined as "a reasonable ground to suspect that a person has committed or is committing ..." (in this case) child maltreatment


Ark. Code Annotated 12-18-107

  • A person or agency required by this chapter to reprt suspected child maltreatment who acts in good faith in making notification, the taking of a photograph or radiological test, or the removal of a child while exercising a seventy-two hour hold is immune to sit and to civil and criminal liability.
  • If acting in good faith, a person making notification not named in this section is immune from liability.
  • A publicly supported school, facility, or institution acting in good faith by cooperating with the investigative agency under this chapter shall be immune from civil and criminal liability.



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