Holly Carter

An opportunity to be in front of the camera was what drew Holly Carter to Henderson State University. “I had done some work at the television station in town. Henderson offered me a spot on HTV as a freshman,” she recalled. Although she hadn’t really considered a career in sports broadcasting, that soon became her goal. As a mass media major, Holly spent many hours honing her broadcasting and journalism skills in the campus television studio and as a writer on the Oracle staff. “Henderson’s been the perfect fit,” she said. “I’ve gotten lots of connections since I’ve been here. In my field, that’s how you get places.”

In 2010, Holly was the recipient of the prestigious Jim Elder Good Sport Fund Scholarship in Journalism and Broadcasting, given to a junior or senior at an Arkansas university. While a student, she also had two articles published by Yahoo! Sports. In addition to her academic pursuits, Henderson provided her with chances to participate in other activities she enjoys such as sports photography and swimming for the Lady Red Wave team.

Holly said the broadcasting and publication opportunities she has received have come to her largely through the influence of professors in the communication & theatre arts department like Paul Glover and Mike Taylor. “I have had opportunities I wouldn’t have had if I had chosen to go somewhere else for college,” she says. After graduation, Holly accepted an air reporting position with a local NBC affiliate in Louisiana. She ultimately has her eyes on a job at ESPN.

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 David Gardner, was awarded the Distinguished College or University Teacher of Mathematics Award at the 2012 annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. “David’s influence on students and other teachers of mathematics has been and continues to be immeasurable,” Carolyn Eoff, chair of mathematics and computer science, said in a nomination letter.

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