Lindsey Gordon

Passion, responsibility, efficiency, endurance, faith, respect... These are just some of the many traits I was lucky enough to find and experience during my time at Henderson. Characteristics that I not only display but will pass on through the many skills I adapted and approved upon through my studies.

As a mass media major, I was fortunate enough to gain a spot as co-editor of the Star yearbook, with which I received the chance to travel to New York City, attend the College Media Association convention, and do a little sight-seeing on the side. An exposure that has been an advantage in my life that otherwise I might have never had the opportunity to experience. 

I obtained a dance minor at HSU, throughout which I participated in the Henderson State Dance Company, choreographed a piece for the Dance Company Spring Showcase, and directed a piece for the Dance Company Spring Showcase. As a member of the Dance Company I was able to attend the THEA Foundation workshop where I was graced with the chance to learn from Bill Hastings, a Broadway performer. 

After graduating from Henderson, I was provided an opportunity to open my own dance studio,The Studio Loft, in Hope, AR. Through my passion for dance, abilities and experiences gained from the dance program at Henderson, and public relations and marketing techniques I achieved as a mass media major, I am building up my studio to make it a success. 

Without the dedicated professors and knowledgeable classes, I might have never made it where I am, or be the person and teacher I have become. 

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 Derrick encourages current students to do more work than assigned and strive to become better artists in order to succeed in the business. “No matter how much talent you have,” said Sims, “if you don’t have good work ethics and the ability to push yourself artistically, you will fail. Laziness just leads to ruin.”

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Derrick SimsBachelor of Arts - Mass Media, 2007
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