Lady Reddie Club

I would like to invite you to join a very exciting group. It is known as the Lady Reddie Club and it is open to all students between the grades of pre-k and 6th grade. As senior woman's administrator at Henderson State, I have coordinated all of our female athletes and their coaches in an effort to help involve our programs in the community. We feel this would be a great way to involve students in learning new sports. We want to especially encourage females to participate but are also open to males.

This group will meet once a month on a saturday. We will be teaching you various sports and our female athletes will be working with you. You will be given an hour of instruction per month. You will also receive a Lady Reddie Club t-shirt to be worn to all of the club events.

Important facts to know:

  1. Cost is only $5.00 for the entire school year.
  2. This is open to ages pre-k - 6th grade.
  3. A fall calendar will be given to you at the first meeting.
  4. The first meeting is saturday, august 27th at 9:00 a.m. at henderson state university wells gym. 
  5.  Please bring your $5.00 to the first meeting. Checks must be made out to henderson
  6. State university.
  7. T-shirts will be ordered on the 27th and distributed at 2nd meeting.
  8. These are instructional sessions. They will be supervised by the team and the coaching staff. Please dress out in tennis shoes and shorts for the first session in the gym. We will be working with the lady reddie volleyball team. 
  9. The sessions last an hour.

Coach Rhonda Thigpen, Lady Reddie volleyball coach and senior woman's administrator, is in charge of this club. Any questions, please call 230-5194.
Fill out this form and bring to the first session. 


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