Mentorship in the School of Business

The exciting hustle and bustle of the School of Business at Henderson is made possible by one thing: dedication. In fact, some students are so dedicated to building their careers in business that they can’t wait until they graduate to get a glimpse of business life. Luckily, the Business Mentorship Program gives them an opportunity to do just that. 

Students who participate in the program become more encouraged and motivated to find a specific direction in their future careers by meeting with seasoned business professionals. “The program gives students a taste of the business environment by visiting with actual business professionals,” says Lonnie Jackson, Director of the School of Business Mentorship Experience. 

Each mentor works with a team of 4-7 students. Under the guidance of their mentor, the team develops specific goals on which to focus for the two-semester session. The students meet with their mentors several times during the course of the school year and have the opportunity to sit in on staff meetings and experience the professional world first-hand. 

In addition to getting expert advice from local business professionals, the business teams from the Mentorship Program have been able to accomplish great things from which the campus has been able to benefit, such as the lettering on the Garrison Center and the pedestrian bridge.

Ross Whipple, Buddy Formby, and Ross Godwin are only a few of the notable mentors who have volunteered their time to benefit Henderson business students. Students receive direct training from some of the best business owners and bank executives, giving them the opportunity to hone their business skills and gain self-confidence by learning what the business field is actually like. 

The mentorship program is open to students of all majors who want to gain experience in the business field.

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