Step by Step Financial Aid Instructions

STEP 1: Apply for Financial Aid
Complete your FAFSA at
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Attending currently or Summer 2011?
Complete the 2010-2011 FAFSA
Attending in Fall 2011/Spring 2012/Summer 2012
Complete the 2011-2012 FAFSA

STEP 2: Complete Admission Process
Supply documentation & necessary information completing the process to be fully admitted to a degree program.

STEP 3: Read & Respond Promptly
Set-up HSU email & myHenderson account, check daily .
This provides information on courses, grades, billing,
financial aid, correspondence, aid awarded and documents that may be needed.
Students receive award letter at myHenderson account.

STEP 4: Verification Process
If your FAFSA has been selected to be verified you will need to submit additional documentation to the Financial Aid office for the verification process. Documents such as your taxes, your parent’s taxes, asset forms, dependent and independent worksheets. It will take two weeks to process your file once ALL required documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid office.

STEP 5: Complete Student Release
Log on to myHenderson account, select COURSES I TAKE
And complete the Release of Student Info Auth. Form Box 


STEP 6: Direct Packaging for Loans
Fall & Spring loans will be automatically awarded
for the maximum amounts as determined by individual FAFSA results.

As a new Direct Loan borrower, you must complete: 

Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note

You’re borrowing the following
Subsidized &/OR Unsubsidized loans:
Subsidized Stafford loan - A loan the government pays
the interest on while you are in school, grace periods, and deferment periods.
Unsubsidized Stafford loan - A loan you are responsible for paying all the interest that accrues from the date of the first disbursement until the loan is paid in full.
Loan Change Request form available-  At Financial Aid Website to modify or cancel your loans.

Paper loan forms used for summer terms only.

Parent PLUS Loans
Parent must complete a Parent PLUS credit application at office or on website. If approved for PLUS loan, parent will be required to complete a Direct PLUS MPN
If parent is denied PLUS loan, if eligible, student may request to increase their Direct loan, complete Loan Change Request form.

STEP 7: Automatic Direct Deposit
Don’t Wait in Line! YOUR $ in YOUR account!
Complete and submit the Direct Deposit form at our office or on website and submit to the Business office.


STEP 8: Refer to myHenderson account
How much is your bill, your loan, your scholarship? Refunds?
If you have questions about your financial aid?
For answers 24/7 - myHenderson allows students to view their statement, financial aid awards, class schedule and grades at their convenience. 

 STEP 9: Books & Book Vouchers
Be prepared to purchase your books yourself prior to all of your aid being transmitted. Book vouchers may be requested from the Business office IF you have any credit left at the Business office after your bill has been paid, from refundable aid such as Pell Grant or State Aid, you may use credited amount for a book vouchers. You may reserve books at the Reddie Bookstore online at or bring your schedule to the bookstore and they will hold your reserved books until the first day of classes. They will give you the amount in which you will owe for your books. The bookstore will also hold a personal check for 30 days (from the first day of classes).

STEP 10: Refund Process
What you may qualify for may be different than your friends! Loans, Pell Grant, Arkansas Challenge and other funds that you may be receiving may be refundable if all of your bill is paid in full in the Business office. All refunds are distributed from the Business office. 

STEP 11: Transfer Students
Transferring Federal Aid-Cancel ALL aid awarded for the semester transferring at current school.
Then begin at Step #1 above. 

Transferring State Aid – Go to and log on to your YOUniversal account. Edit your profile to se-lect “I need to request a transfer” and select the new school.

If the option is not available , call ADHE at 1-800-547-8839.


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