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 Several studies have confirmed that many capable students often do not even try to get into college because they believe that a college education is financially out of reach.  Additionally, students with the greatest financial need are often the least likely to receive the awards necessary to complete their educational goals due to a simple lack in communication of financial aid information.  Financial aid is often a widely misunderstood subject and an obstacle in providing college access to a growing number of students. 

 To address this issue, the Office of Financial Aid at Henderson State University has developed a comprehensive Financial Aid Outreach program.  Our financial aid representatives work directly with community groups, high schools, and various organizations to provide information that can provide the necessary tools to educate the public about federal, state, and institutional financial aid topics. Topics and services include: 

  •  Tips for Success:A Financial Aid Informational Overview 
  •  Information related to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  
  • Valuable information on federal and state programs.  

Outreach Program Request

Outreach programs can be geared to fit your needs with advance notice.  

To schedule a Financial Aid Outreach event, please contact our office at 870-230-5148. Then our representative will contact you via email  to confirm a date. 

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