HSU Safety

The HSU Police Department is pleased to offer many safety services to the HSU community.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus environment that is conducive to learning.  We believe a well informed community is essential to achieving our goals.  To that end we have implemented numerous measures to ensure the safety of the HSU community and to provide timely warnings in case of an emergency.


Emergency Blue Light Phones 

 Blue Light Phone                                            











Henderson State University has ten outdoor emergency call phones installed across the campus. These Blue Light phones allow students, faculty, and visitors to contact 911 emergency services anytime day or night. The phones are installed at the following locations: 

  • Caplinger Airway Science Academic Center
  • Evans Hall
  • Garrison Activity and Conference Center
  • Huie Library
  • International Student Center 
  • Russell Fine Arts Center
  • Smith Hall
  • South Lawn
  • Sturgis Hall 
  • Wells Building

 Outdoor Warning Notification System

Henderson's outdoor warning notification system uses prerecorded messages to alert the public of an emergency situation. 

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