Psychology (B.A.)

Required Core Courses (22 hours; plus 9 hrs. PSY electives) 
PSY1013 General Psychology -- counts toward Social Sciences requirement 
PSY2023 Abnormal Psychology

PSY2143 Experimental Statistics; sophomore year recommended
PSY2533 Principles of Learning; sophomore year recommended 
PSY2541 Principles of Learning Laboratory; sophomore
PSY4433 Tests & Measurements
PSY4733 Experimental Methods
PSY48?? Experimental Psychology (see Capstone information below) 


Capstone Experience:

After PSY2143 (Experimental Statistics), a two-semester experimental psychology sequence caps off the educational experience. Students take PSY4733 (Experimental Methods), followed by one from these options:  
PSY4833 Advanced Experimental Psychology
PSY4863 Advanced Social Psychology
PSY4893 Advanced Independent Research
in Psychology

 Psychology Elective Courses (9 hours or more additional PSY coursework required): 



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