Special Education Educational Examiner P-12 Licensure


    The purpose of the graduate program of study leading to an endorsement in educational examiner is to prepare professionals who can administer testing methods and techniques to identify and implement educational diagnosis and planning with/for special needs students.

    Admission into the Educational Examiner Program of Study requires
    1. full admission to the Henderson State University Graduate School ;
    2. current, valid initial or standard teaching license;
    3. master’s degree (or “in progress”);
    4. three years of successful, documented teaching experience; and
    5. two letters of reference, one from a current or former professor and one from a public school supervisor or peer.

    Once required documentation is received by the Department of Advanced Instructional Studies, the candidate will meet with the advisor of the Educational Examiner Program. The candidate and the advisor will develop a written program of study which meets the requirements for HSU’s approved program for Educational Examiner.

    The essentials for a program of study include a minimum of 45 graduate hours to include a master’s degree and a distribution of courses which cover the following expectations identified by the Arkansas Department of Education:

    Required Content and experience background:
  • Specialized training in special education curriculum, teaching methods, adapting materials, including behavior modification and learning strategies for special needs students.
  • Study of child and adolescent psychology, abnormal psychology, including personality development, and human growth and development.
  • Specialized training in individual intelligence testing, including the use and interpretation of standardized tests, including group achievement, and prescriptive programming.
  • Appraisal for special needs students, including conferencing and report writing skills.
  • Practice with special needs students in the areas of diagnosis and prescriptions for prevention and remediation of both learning and reading difficulties.
  • Study and experience with appropriate testing methods and techniques for special needs students.
  • Study and on-site practice with identifying and implementing educational diagnosis and planning with/for special needs students.

    Depending upon transcript evaluation by the program advisor, the candidate must complete the following courses (or equivalent):

    SPE 5013 Psychology of Children with Exceptionalities
    EDU 6413 Introduction to Research

    Courses by competency area:

    Curriculum/Methods/Learning Strategies in Special Education:
    EDU 6633 Curriculum Construction P-12
    RDG 6443 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
    SPE 6313 Special Education Law
    SPE 6453 Seminar: Assessment and Evaluation for Educational Examiners
    SPE 6393 Advanced Methods of Instructing Students with Severe/Profound Disabilities
    SPE 6103 Advanced Methods of Instructing Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities (P-4 Licensure Experience)
    SPE 6363 Advanced Methods of Early Childhood Special Education (for P-4 Licensure Experience)

    Assessment and Helping Techniques:
    CED 6943 Individual Intelligence Testing
    CED 6023 Professional School Counseling
    CED 5723 Group Testing

    Child/Human Development:
    EDU 6663 Advanced Child Development, or
    CED 5713 Advanced Human Development

    SPE 6466 Ed. Examiner Practicum

    Required assessment:
    • Praxis II: Principles of Learning and Teaching, test #0522 OR #0523 OR #0524
    Minimum score required: 164

    Other Exit Requirements:
    Candidates must complete individualized program of study with no grade below “B.”

    Upon successful completion of program of study and Praxis requirements, candidates may apply for the Educational Examiner endorsement by completing appropriate paperwork in the Teachers College, Henderson Office of Licensure.


Educational Examiner Candidacy Form

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