Special Education Early Childhood (M.S.E.)

Mission: The mission of the Master of Science in Education in Special Education is to prepare reflective and compassionate teachers to instruct students with disabilities from birth P-4 and 4-12. This program of study exists to develop well-informed educators who understand the educational needs of students with disabilities, command 21st century pedagogical skills, use varied and appropriate technology to communicate effectively with students with special needs, value the differences their students bring to the classroom, and adhere to and model the high moral and ethical professional standards of Council for Exceptional Children.

Special Education Vision: We strongly believe that every individual with a disability has the legal and moral right to be educated by reflective and compassionate professionals who value each individual's uniqueness and adapt instruction to these individual strengths and needs. Every individual with a disability deserves educational opportunities to develop to his or her maximum potential, and to become included, valued, and productive members in their schools and communities. This requires individualized learning experiences and instructional efforts that span many contexts, from the home environment to a variety of school and community settings. Thus, all educators who instruct individuals with special needs, not just special education instructors, must become reflective and compassionate professionals who are knowledgeable, sound pedagogically and who are willing and eager to effectively and compassionately instruct individuals with special needs and be their advocates for a better future.

Our Graduate Program in Early Childhood Special Education not only prepares our graduate students to instruct individuals with disabilities from birth - 4th grade, it also is an advanced program of study leading to a Master’s of Science in Education degree. Therefore, we expect our graduate students to not only develop into reflective and compassionate professionals in terms of instructing individuals with special needs, but we also expect them to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to inform the knowledge base and the profession. This requires that our students are offered instruction and experiences that prepare them to understand, use, and value advanced academic and scholarly processes of learning and inquiry across their graduate special education program. Our program includes online courses.



Degree Plans

Special Education Alternative Licensure Plan Early Childhood  

Special Education MSE Early Childhood 

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