Argentine Senna

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Argentine senna
Senna corymbosa (Lam.) Irwin and Barneby (= Cassia corymbosa Lam.)

Senna corymbosa is a deciduous to semi-evergreen shrub to about 3 meters that is native to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. It is spontaneous in Arkansas (currently known from only one location in the southwestern portion of the state), and is spontaneous or naturalized in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas.
Senna corymbosa is capable of self-pollination and subsequent reproduction (the seedling in fig. G was spontaneous and produced from a single, reproductive age plant in cultivation). This species is also winter hardy at least as far north as zone 8 (southern Arkansas is in zone 8). 



Figures for Senna corymbosa:

A. leaves;
B. leaves and flowers;
C-D. flowers;
E. nearly mature fruits;
F. bark;
G. spontaneous seedling;
H. plant.


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