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Reddie Success

Reddie Success

When it comes to what a Henderson State education can do for you, “success” really isn’t able to capture it all by itself. Like everything else we do at Henderson, the accomplishments attained by our graduates once they leave are big. Really big. It goes way beyond “success,” and into the realm of “Reddie Success.”

A former two-term Arkansas governor. A Medal of Honor recipient. A Pulitzer Prize-winning historian. An Academy Award-winning screenwriter and actor. A former general and chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force. A professional golfer. A crime novelist. All of them got their start at Henderson, and showed the world what’s possible through their achievements.

Take a look at just a handful of recent alums and their impressive accomplishments:

Tené Green

After choosing HSU over an out-of-state school, Tené Green arrived intent on a career as a criminal defense attorney. But by her third year of law school, criminal defense no longer seemed right. HSU, however, had prepared Green to adapt. Learn more about how this Reddie uses both her legal and her social skills at a major corporation.

Mark Edwards

Recruited for basketball, Mark Edwards (’93) credits some of his Reddie spirit to a tough Western Civilization class, in which he was challenged to take a tougher path to his degree. Learn more about how that Reddie spirit helped this broadcast journalism major move from radio to TV.

Arthur Watson

Now working toward a Ph.D. in Organizational and Community Leadership, Arthur Watson (BA ’00, MS ’03) had his first Reddie moment as a follower under an amazing peer leader during orientation. A friend with whom he is still friends to this day. Learn more about how the Reddie spirit helped Watson move from follower, to leader, to a leader of leaders.

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