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Who says the big kids should have all the fun? Not us. And thanks to Henderson’s Intramural Sports Program, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is something everyone gets to taste. But no matter which side of the scoreboard you end up on, the name of the game here is fun—and there’s tons of fun to be had.

About two out of every three students at Henderson take part in intramurals, which should tell you something. They compete, make uniforms, win championship t-shirts, and form lasting friendships.

Intramural Sports Calendar

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NEW: Online Registration

Beginning with the Fall 2013 school year, anyone interested in taking part in ANY on campus intramural sport MUST register individually on imleagues.com.


Visit our IMleagues.com homepage HERE.   

Intramural (IM) Sports aim to provide a variety of team and individual activities in a recreational environment for HSU students. Form a team of your peers from your dorm, or other students you meet around campus.  If you can't find enough people to form a team, sign up as a Free Agent and we will find a team for you.  We welcome our Henderson faculty and staff that are members/non-members of the Student Recreation Center to participate.   

All championship teams and individuals earn the most coveted prize on campus - The Henderson State Intramural Sports Championship T-Shirts.  Groups of friends can remain on the same team for multiple sports in order to compete for the Henderson Cup.       

For additional information about our other activities and employment as a sports official or a score-keeper please contact IM Sports at randleb@hsu.edu or call us at 870-230-5665. 

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