What’s a Reddie?

historical photo of a Reddie football player

It can be a little hard to describe, but it’s not at all hard to understand. What is a Reddie?

Being a Reddie… living that Reddie Spirit… carrying that Reddie pride with you during your years at Henderson State and throughout the rest of your life. It’s something special.

Upon its establishment in 1905, the Henderson State football team became known for wearing red jerseys. Absent a traditional nickname or mascot, the team was appropriately dubbed the “Reds.” Eventually, the name shifted to “Reddies,” and it stuck.

But being a Reddie is about much more than athletics, and involves a level of pride that could never fit into a silly, furry costume.

In 1914 the Henderson State campus was ravaged by a fire. With nearly the entire campus destroyed, a group of Henderson students gathered under a tree with a decision to make—either transfer to other schools in the area, or rebuild Henderson.

In the end, the choice was easy. They decided to rebuild Henderson, and at that moment, they redefined what a “Reddie” truly was.

So, when someone asks you “What’s a Reddie?” you can tell them… it’s a spirit. It’s a belief. It’s an attitude. And if they still don’t understand, so be it.

It’s a Henderson thing.



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