Southwest-A Education Renewal Zone

The ERZ is a multiyear Pre-K-16 initiative funded by the state of Arkansas to help improve public school performance and student achievement. This collaborative effort between renewal zone partners, including the Arkansas Department of Education's Division of ERZ, institutions of higher education (IHEs), regional education service cooperatives (ESCs), other technical assistance provider entities, schools, and participating communities. ERZ partnerships across the state are working to:


  • Improve educational management strategies
  • Take advantage of economies of scales concentrating and coordinating resources and technical assistance
  • Maximize the use of distance learning technology to improve the performance of the state's most academically stressed public schools


ERZ Newsletters
March 2012      

Education Service Cooperatives/Service Providers 

       Dawson Education Service Cooperative

       South Central Service Cooperative

       Wilbur D. Mills Education Service Cooperative

       Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative

       The STEM Center at Henderson State University

       College of the Ouachitas(Malvern)

       HSU ROTC








Southwest Arkansas College Preparatory Academy

The Southwest Arkansas College Preparatory Academy is a privately funded partnership with Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Gurdon, Centerpoint Public Schools, and community leaders/organizations. The sole purpose of the Preparatory Academy is to reduce remediation rates and to increase college attendance and graduation rates.




New Teacher Induction Retreat

Providing mentoring (induction) support for novice teachers, new teachers to ERZ school districts, nontraditional and career teachers identified by district administrators as in need of support can be an effective recruitment and retention strategy. Henderson, in collaboration with education service cooperatives, public schools and other service providers, provides a 2 1/2 day Induction Retreat for all ERZ schools. 





2014 Induction Photo Gallery

2013 Induction Photo Gallery



Co-Teach Training

The HSU/ERZ Co-Teach Collaborative is an extensive effort between various general and special education personnel from Henderson State University (HSU) and the Southwest-A Education Renewal Zone (ERZ). The ultimate goal of the collaborative effort is to improve academic and social outcomes of students with disabilities in the ERZ region by encouraging the implementation of inclusive education practices, especially effective co-teaching practices.


Photo Gallery



Professional Development Collaborative

The Southwest-A ERZ collaborates with the Arkansas Department of Education, Dawson Service Cooperative, South Central Service Cooperative, South Arkansas Mathematics and Science Center, public school practitioners, Discovery Education Network, and Arkansas Consumer Education, to provide 2 days of on-site professional development to Henderson pre-service teachers, public school in-service teachers, non-traditional teachers enrolled in Master of Arts in Teaching Programs and non-practicing teachers continuing licensure requirements. and students from other colleges.   Based on school needs, evaluation of pre-service teachers, and response from higher education faculty, a professional development conference is held biannually.



Visiting Professors

In the Visiting Professor Program, university professors are partnered with classroom teachers to better enhance student success.  As a team, teachers and professors share strategies and best practices in their given field, collaborate to create assessments, and curriculum, which allow for an easier transition for students to the college level.



Common Core State Standards Resources

This site is the new Common Core site launched by the ADE today.  All past CCSS Math CIV telecast and AR CCSS Institutes are found on the front page of this site.

This is embedded in the above site.  On this tab you will find:  

  •     ADE Strategic Plan 
  •     What Every AR Education Needs to Know
  •     Analysis tools for math and literacy
  •     Sample assessment plans
  •     A Guide for PD Planning along with the big shifts in math and literacy

    This is the ADE Micro CCSS Site.  On this site you will find:  

    •    FAQ 
    •    Video from the ADE
    •    List of resources including videos, Power Points used by the department and websites
    •   Overview information for parents and community members as well as educators   


    This page houses past emails from the CCSS List serve in case you recently joined.  Go to the right of the page under CCSS Communication Files.


    This is the ADE Common Core Wiki homepage.  The crosswalks, timeline, and content area wikis are housed here.

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