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2014 Summer Camps and Conferences

As of April 16, 2014 







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May 24th Reddie Football Elite CampCoach Matt Gordon870-230-5068
May 31stLady Reddie Basketball Elite Camp 1Coach Jill Thomas870-230-5123

June 4th - June 6th 

Lady Reddie Volleyball Kids Camp

Coach Rhonda Thigpen


June 6th - June 8th Quarterback and Receiver CampDr. Laird Hayes877-707-6161
June 9th - June 11th Lady Reddie SR Volleyball CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
June 11th - June 13th Lady Reddie JR Volleyball CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
June 17th - June 21stJR Band Camp I  Ms. Carrie Pawelski     870-230-5233
June 23rd - June 27th Art Teachers RetreatMr. David Warren870-230-5403
June 24th - June 28th JR Band Camp IIMs. Carrie Pawelski870-230-5233
June 28th Reddie Football Elite CampCoach Matt Gordon870-230-5068
July 6th - July 12th SR Band Camp Ms. Carrie Pawelski870-230-5233
July 7th Lady Reddie Volleyball Passer/Back Row CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
July 8th Lady Reddie Volleyball Setter CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
July 9th Lady Reddie Volleyball Hitter CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
July 10th - July 11th Lady Reddie Volleyball Team CampCoach Rhonda Thigpen870-230-5161
July 13th - July 17th Summer InstituteMs. Wanda Harris870-230-5406
August 9th Lady Reddie Basketball Elite Camp 2Coach Jill Thomas870-230-5123

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