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What can I do with a chemistry degree from Henderson State University?

3D amino acid molecule

Chemistry is often referred to as the central science, because chemistry plays a vital role in most other science disciplines. Consequently,  an undergraduate degree in chemistry prepares students for a wide variety of careers, both in and out of the laboratory. A chemistry degree can lead to career paths in professions such as medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, chemical engineering, journalism, law, forensic science, and biochemistry. Many graduates decide to continue their education after completing their first degree and many of our graduates attend medical school or graduate school.

Related career titles: 


 Chemical engineer  

 Chemical lab technician  

Clinical lab technologist  

Drug analyst
Environmental analyst
Forensic biologist
Geneticist Hydrologist
Inorganic chemist
Mineralogist Petroleum inspector
Pharmacologist Toxicologist


Chemistry and Related Links

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Council for Chemical Research 

National Science Foundation 


Christi's chemistry and pre-med preparation at Henderson took her on to graduate school in pharmacology and a great job in her field.

Christi Quarles SmithBachelor of Science - Chemistry, 2007
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