What is Needed to Connect to the Network

Students will need a working Network Card on the computer and/or other devices to connect with the network. With any wired connection, you will need an RJ45 (also called a CAT5) network cable. If your computer has a Wireless Network card, you may be able to connect to the network wirelessly (without a CAT5 cable). You should connect to the Dorm wireless network (called "Dormlogon") while in the dorm, or the guest wireless (called "StuGuest") when elsewhere on campus. Although most areas have wireless coverage, Henderson does not guarantee 100% wireless coverage.

If you would like to connect multiple computers or devices in your room, you will need to have a Hub or a Switch.  Both a Hub and a Switch allow you to share a single Ethernet connection with multiple devices.  A Router is similar to a Switch or a Hub, but a Router has an extra feature that is not compatible with the network.  This incompatible feature is known as DHCP.



Your computer and other devices will be required to register with the Henderson Student Network at the beginning of the semester.  For PC's and Mac's, your browser will be redirected to a window that will require you to put in your username, password, etc.  The network will then save your MAC address (ID number specific to your network card).  The registration process will then check to see if you have a valid and up to date antivirus program.  If you do not have one at that time, it will make you install one before you can do anything else.  At that time, a link will be provided to a free antivirus program.  For the fastest registration process, we recommend that you either purchase and install an antivirus program, or install one of the 3 programs listed in the Student - Helpful Links page prior to moving on campus. To see a complete list of acceptable antivirus programs, please review this PDF.  During the registration process, there will also be a screen to inform all students about the importance of following all Copyright laws.  You can find out more about these laws at the HEOA page.

For other devices, you will need to make sure that your system is connected to the network (plug the cable directly from the wall into the device, or connect to the "DormLogon" wireless connection).  You will not be able to surf the web yet, but the network/server will be able to see your system.  If you open a browser (whatever your system uses to go to web pages), your system should be redirected to the registration process.  If you have any questions, you can contact the HelpDesk.

If your system does not redirect you to the registration page, you will have to follow a different procedure.  First, you will have to find your device's MAC address.  This can be found somewhere in your settings, but the location differs between devices.  Here is a list of common devices and how to find the MAC address for each one.

After you have your MAC address, you will need to call the HelpDesk at (870)230-5678 or E-Mail them at PCsupport@hsu.edu with:

  1. Any errors that you have received.  If you have not received an error, explain what steps you have done/trying to do.
  2. Your name
  3. Your Student e-mail address
  4. Your dorm building and room number
  5. What type of system and your system's Mac address


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