Services Provided by the Educational Opportunity Center


 Services Provided by the Educational Opportunity Center

Education Information

•Serve as a clearinghouse for information on colleges/vocational schools.
•Provide computer-generated data for over 3,000 colleges and universities.
•Reference library of academic, career planning, and financial aid information.
•Directories for community colleges, trade schools, and four-year institutions.
•Provide transportation to area campuses for tours.
Application Assistance

•College/vocational admissions application.
•Assistance in obtaining admissions documents.
Financial Aid Assistance

•Financial aid application assistance.
•Information of Federal and state financial aid programs.
•Veterans’ education benefits.
Career Counseling

•Provide career planning and setting goals.
•Help with educational counseling.
•Administer computer-based career-planning inventories.
•Administer paper interest inventory.
Referral Services

•Serve as Resource to participants for referrals to other community agencies for services the EOC is unable to provide.


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