Presidential Search Committee

The Board of Trustees of Henderson State University met in special session via conference call on September 27, 2011. They approved two items: the membership of the Presidential Search Committee and the charge to the Search Committee. Here is the approved list of Committee members.

1. Board of Trustees – Johnny K. Hudson
2. Ellis College: Math/Science/Nursing – Brett Serviss
3. Ellis College: Fine Arts – Claudia Beach
4. Ellis College: Liberal Arts – Megan Hickerson
5. Teachers College, Henderson – Tim Baghurst
6. School of Business – Margaret Hoskins
7. Graduate School Faculty – Duane Jackson
8. Staff – Allan Ford (non classified)
9. Staff – Dusty Schmid (classified)
10. Student – Phillip Turner
11. Student – Tiffany Baker
12. HSU Foundation – Penny Ferguson
13. Community – Becky Jester
14. Community – Kyle Jones
15. Alumnus – Buddy Formby
16. Alumnus – Don Case
17. At Large Appointment – Celya Taylor
18. At Large Appointment – Paulette Blacknall

Search Committee Charge

Henderson State University 
Charge to the Presidential Search Committee (Approved 9-27-11)

The Presidential Search Committee, appointed to advise the University’s Board of Trustees, is composed of 18 individuals from a broad range of the University’s constituencies, including the Board, the faculty, the staff, the students, alumni, the Henderson Foundation, and the community. The Committee’s chair and spokesperson is Mr. Johnny Hudson, chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The make-up of the committee is as follows:

Board of Trustees One Member
Faculty Six Members (one from Teachers College, Henderson;
one from the School of Business;
one from Ellis College (Fine Arts);
one from Ellis College (Liberal Arts);
one from Ellis College (Natural Sciences and Mathematics);
and one from the Graduate School;
Students Two Members
Staff Two Members (one classified and one non-classified)
Community Two Members
HSU Foundation One Member
Alumni Two Members
At Large Two Members

The Board asks the Presidential Search Committee, in discharging its duties, to:

• Draft a statement of desired leadership characteristics to be considered by the Board for adoption. The statement should reflect input from constituency groups.
• Using the statement of desired leadership characteristics qualities as the basis for the document, draft a position advertisement to be considered for approval by the Board and placed in relevant media to publicize the open position.
• Develop a plan to solicit nominations and applications from a diverse group of well-qualified persons, including women and minorities.
• Draft and follow procedures to allow detailed vetting of candidates using the leadership characteristics as a basis.
• Identify applicants not deemed to be viable candidates.
• Select, interview, and assist in checking references of semifinalists.
• Submit to the Board an unranked list of names of 3-5 individuals who the Committee believes to be well qualified to be the next president of Henderson State University (after which the work of the Committee is complete.)
• Sign a commitment acknowledging responsibilities of committee members.

The Board of Trustees extends its gratitude to the members of the Presidential Search Committee for accepting this demanding assignment.

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