Nandina domestica

nandina group
nandina; heavenly bamboo
Nandina domestica Thunb.

    Nandina domestica is a small, evergreen shrub to about 2.5 meters tall that is native from India to east Asia. Nandina is naturalized in Arkansas, and from east Texas and probably eastern Oklahoma to Florida and Georgia, and northward along the east coast to Virginia. This species is invasive in Arkansas, invading into wooded and open habitats, especially in areas that are adjacent to places where cultivated plants are found. Nandina is extremely shade tolerant and will reproduce successfully under shaded conditions. This species is very plastic in regards to soil moisture regimes and soil textural composition. The fruits of Nandina are bird-dispersed, and plants can reproduce at a relatively small size and presumably young age (see fig. Z for an example of this). 


Figures for Nandina domestica:
A. leaves;
B-F. flowers;
G. immature fruits;
H-K. mature fruits;
L. yellow fruits produced by variety flava;
M-O. bark;
P-S. spontaneous seedlings and juveniles;
T-V. autumn foliage;
W. some of the color variation in autumn foliage and habit;
X. plant and habit;
Y. spontaneous reproductive plant and habit;
Z-AA. small, presumably young, reproductive plants (the plant in fig. Z is only about 15 centimeters tall and already fully capable of reproduction);
BB. large colony of naturalized plants.

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