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 Dance is the hidden language of the soul.--Martha Graham   


The Program

 The HSU Dance Program's minor enables students to explore a balanced dance education-technically, creatively, and intellectually- to become strong versatile dancers. HSU's dance program is integrated with our communication and theatre arts programs, giving our dance students unique opportunities to grow and explore multiple disciplines.  Students perform in a Fall Dance Showcase and in the annual Spring Dance Concert, as well as participate in the American College Dance Festival.

Dance Minor Courses: Requires 8hrs from: Dance History, Choreography, Dance Performance Practicum, Ballet I; AND 6hrs Electives from: Ballet II, Jazz I, Jazz II, Theatre Dance I, Theatre Dance II, Modern Dance & Dance Company.

The Faculty

 Jennifer Maddox is currently an artist in residence at Henderson State University; where she has been the dance program director, instructor, and the HSU dance company director & choreographer since 1987.

The Results

Dance guest artists are brought to campus for intensive projects that include a series of master classes, repertory rehearsals to set a new work, and Informances.

HSU DANCE COMPANY--with an audition, any dancer may become part of this diverse performing group. The company performs original works to be performed at concerts, throughout the year both on campus and off.

American College Dance Festival-- Dancers have the opportunity to participate in and perform at American College Dance Festival which is held in eight different regions of the country. Student works are selected to be performed and (ACDFA) adjudicated at the regional American College Dance Festival.

For information about the Dance Program, or the HSU Dance Minor, or the Dance Company,

contact Jennifer Maddox at:
(870) 230-5168 or (501) 680-1289



Training at Henderson gave me a hands-on experience. I gained a great level of confidence in myself and in my creativity. I was able to take risks and not worry about failing. The faculty in the Theatre and the Dance programs are so supportive and will give you the freedom to explore what you are truly capable of.

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Brandyn SmithBachelor of Arts - Theatre Arts, Senior
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