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A revised Statement of Desired Characteristics was adopted by the  Board of Trustees of Henderson State on October 7, 2011.

Visit the Presidential Search Committee page to view a list of members and the charge to the committee approved by the Board of Trustees of Henderson State on September 27, 2011.


The Board of Trustees of Henderson State University met Thursday, September 08, 2011 to conduct university business including a review of the recent presidential search. Following recommendations by Dr. William Shelton, with The Ironwood Consulting Group, and further discussion by the Board, the following action was approved regarding the search process.


  • A new presidential search will begin immediately.
  • The structure of the committee will be changed to a “search” committee rather than an “advisory” committee.
  • Makeup of the committee will include additional faculty, staff, and student representatives. The Faculty Senate will be asked to submit eight names to the board from which six faculty will be appointed to the search committee. Staff Senate will be asked to supply four names from which two staff will be appointed. (Previous committee members may be recommended for reappointed to the new committee if the respective senate so chooses.) The Committee will also include one member from the Board of Trustees, two alumni, two community representatives, one representative of the HSU Foundation, and up to two at-large members for a total of 16 to 18 members. (Previous members from these constituencies will be contacted to ascertain their interest and availability to serve on the new committee.)
  • Search Committee members will agree to committee responsibilities but will not be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Search Committee and Board of Trustees support and contact person will be Flora Weeks, Secretary to the Board of Trustees.  
  • The position description for the president of the university will include a reference to “Arkansas’s Public Liberal Arts University.”
  • The Board will contract with Dr. Shelton to provide additional consulting services. This will include a workshop training session for the Search Committee and a review of applications for qualified candidates prior to the semi-finalists selection.

While this provides you with the specific Board action regarding the presidential search, it is important to note that many concerns were discussed and will be addressed. This is not an all-inclusive list, nor does it replace the official minutes of that meeting. This is provided in the spirit of collaboration as the board recognizes the need to be inclusive and transparent in the search process. We look forward to our work together as we proceed to identify the next president of this great university. 

Johnny K. Hudson, Chairman
Board of Trustees
Henderson State University

Contact for Presidential Search

Flora Weeks, Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Henderson State University, Box 7532
1100 Henderson Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71999
Phone: (870) 230-5062

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