Transitioning from High School to Henderson

Future students

Transitioning to Henderson can be a smoother process if you will contact our office regarding your needs as soon as you decide that Henderson is your choice. Below are some things to consider before you start your freshman year that can help you.


Obtain a copy of your disability documentation from your school counselor, social worker, psychologist, or rehabilitation counselor to share with The Center.

Know your strengths, both personally and academic.

Know how you learn best.

Find out about your disability and consider how it may impact you in learning.

Be prepared to discuss the strategies you use to handle your classes with your Education Specialist.

Begin taking entrance exams your junior year.  This gives you time to retake exams, as many times as necessary if you are not satisfied with your scores. If you need accommodations or modifications to the testing requirements, look at the steps needed to obtain those accommodations or modifications in the test application booklet.Most exams require you to provide documentation in order to receive accommodations.  Get the request and documentation in early, approval can take up to a month prior to the test date.

Complete the financial aid packet (FASFA) and submit it timely.  Mail as early in the spring semester of your senior year as possible.

Request scholarship information from your high school guidance counselor.

Contact Arkansas Vocational Rehabilitation at 1-800-960-9270 to discuss possible eligibility.

If you are a current foster child or were a foster child after the age of fourteen, complete your Education and Training Voucher, available from your Transition Specialist with the Department of Human Services.

Visit the disability services office the spring semester of your senior year to secure necessary accommodations, as some services require more time to secure.

If you will need housing accommodations, request accommodations as soon as you choose to attend Henderson.

Henderson has an orientation type program called Heart Start for you to experience campus before you attend. Take the opportunity to attend the session to learn more about Henderson.  You will make your first schedule during this session. Try to make the first session so you can make a schedule that most fits your needs. Schedule an appointment with us before you come for Heart Start so we can assist you in developing your schedule.

Realize it is okay to ask questions about anything you don’t understand, we are here to assist you with those questions.



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