Assistive/Adaptive Equipment Resources

The Center has adaptive equipment and devices available for qualified students to try. Students should see their Education Specialist regarding a short term loan.  

Type of Equipment That Can Be Checked Out: 

Assistive Listening Devices—for students with hearing loss. 

Calculator– Ti83 calculators and large display calculator. 

Compact Disks—for saving documents on. 

Digital Camera—use for taking pictures of projects and other activities. 

Digital Recorders—recording lectures and downloading into MP3 files. 

Flip Video Camera—digital cameras that can record and download via USB port for presentations or projects. 

Franklin Speller– handheld speller.Info Scan Elite—reading pen can read data or download copied data to a word file. 

Lap Top Computers—lap tops have adaptive technology such as read please,JAWS, Dragon Naturally Speaking. 

Pulse Smart Pen—records and links audio to what you write. 

Victor Readers—players that navigate audio CD’s. 

Timers—timers to help you stay on task studying, or projects that limit time.USB Flash Drive—data saving device. 


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