Personal and Career Resources

Education specialists can provide information to you on a variety of subjects that can enhance your educational experience and personal lives.  


Personal and Career 

Business Etiquette- being aware of what is expected in the corporate world can help you put your best foot forward and avoid awkward mistakes.

Career Exploration - not sure which career option to choose?  We can help you choose a career.

Lifestyle Management - we can help you explore what resources are available to help you have an independent lifestyle.

Money Management - understanding common financial terms and what to look out for when making financial decisions can save you money.  Let us share what we know.  We even have ideas for free or inexpensive things to do while you are in college.

Organizational Techniques-being organized can save you time and money.  Let us share these techniques that can be used in your personal and educational life.

Resume Writing and Interviewing Tips-these two topics go hand in hand.  If you don't have a good resume you won't get an interview.  If you blow the interview the resume may save you!  Let us help you with this so you can put your best foot forward.

Referrals to TRIO and Campus Resources-there are many services here on campus that can provide you information or assist you.  Let us tell you about them.

Stress/Relaxation Strategies-stress is a major inhibitor to learning and performing well.  Let's talk about ways to reduce your stress and relax.  We also have a relaxation zone in our office, come in and chill.

Time Management-ever feel overwhelmed by having too much to do?  Let us teach you how to manage your time so it can work for you.  We provide free planners to help you.


See your education specialist for information on these topics and watch for announcements of upcoming workshops. 



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