Educational Resources

Education specialists can provide information to you on a variety of subjects that can enhance your educational experience and personal lives.  


Brainology—Learning strategies: learn how you learn best, ways to retain information and how your attitude influences how you learn. 

Choosing a Major or Minor—we can provide you information to help you decide which major you would like to pursue.  

How to Talk to a Professor—knowing how and what to say to a professor can be difficult, let us give you input on what to say. 

Navigating the University—we can refer you to campus resources and give guidance where to locate services. 

Note Taking Strategies—learn what information you need, how to formulate notes and after you take them, how to use them.  We can also help you get the most out of other peoples notes. 

Presentation Tips—receive suggestions for topic ideas, style,organization, PowerPoint and projector use.  We are also available for practice and critique. 

Reading for Success—college requires a great deal of reading. We can help with reading strategies. 

Research—knowing if a source is good, what descriptors to use when searching, and ideas for topics can be explored with us. 

Standardized Test Preparation—we can help you register for testing accommodations, completing registration paperwork, and have study guides for most standardized tests such as the Praxis, GRE, GMAT, MAT, etc. 

Test taking Strategies—learn strategies to improve your test taking ability to reflect what you know and improve grades. 








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