Assistive/Adaptive Technology Lab

The Center AT Computer Lab is located in the Disability Resource Center, Foster Hall Room 330. It is designed to serve students with a variety of disabilities.  The lab is used to explore vocational computer possibilities, provide training in the use of assistive technology and to support students as they complete their academic requirements. Training offered focuses on the use of the computer as a tool in academics in combination with assistive technology.  

Specialized technology or software includes:  

Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV): magnifies printed material with adjustments for contrast and color to improve reading ability for students with low vision.   

Dolphin: creates Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Braille versions of print materials.  

Dragon NaturallySpeaking: voice recognition software that allows the student to dictate papers and control the functions of the computer.  This software benefits students with motor problems as well as those with writing difficulties. 

JAWS: screen reading software for students with blindness.  With this software the  student can “hear” everything that happens on the computer from controlling programs to typing papers. 

Duxbury: is a computer program that formats word documents into Braille.  A Braille embosser is available to emboss the Braille.  

Mind 42: is a visual learning tool that inspires students, to develop ideas and organize thinking. Assists you in: brainstorming, planning, organizing, outlining, prewriting, diagramming, and concept mapping. 

Omni Page: uses optical character recognition technology to transform data from scanned pages or image files into electronic files. 

Read Please: Read Please reads text via Windows clipboard from any program. 

SPSS: statistical softwareused primarily in the social sciences. 

Text Aloud:  converts your text from MS word documents, e-mails, web pages, and PDF files into natural-sounding speech. 

Wynn:  Wynn is a scanning and screen reader program. Designed to enhance success for students with reading and writing difficulties. 

Zoomtext: screen magnification software that enlarges the display from 1.25X to 24X  and also offers speech output.   






















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