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Major Requirements: 2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog

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Major Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology 
(2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog)

Highly Recommended Courses:  

  •                              BIO 1013 Introduction to
                                 CHM 1034/1044 General Chemistry for
                                 Non-majors/General Organic and

Required Courses:       

  •                              BIO 2104 General Botany
  •                              BIO 2114 General Zoology
  •                              BIO 3054 Genetics
  •                              BIO 3094 Microbiology
  •                              BIO 3524 General Ecology
  •                              BIO 4214 Cell Biology  

Choose one of the following:  

  •                             BIO 3304 Plant Physiology
  •                             BIO 3314 Animal Physiology 

Choose one of the following:  

  •                             BIO 3084  Comparative Anatomy and Evolution of Vertebrates
  •                             BIO 3244  Comparative Morphology and Evolution of Plants                 

A minimum of two additional upper-level courses in biology must be selected.  These may be from the courses listed above or others listed in the Henderson catalog.  Two semesters of Human Anatomy and Physiology will satisfy one of these requirements. BIO 4251, BIO 4373, and BIO 4823 may not be used for this requirement. 


Additional requirements:  

  •                              CHM 1014, 1024                            University Chemistry I and II
  •                              CHM 3063, 3073                            Organic Chemistry I and II
  •                              CHM 3051, 3131                            Organic Chemistry I and II Lab
  •                              MTH 1243, MTH 1253                   College Algebra and Plane Trigonometry,
                                                                                           or more advanced
  •                              PHY 2034, 2044                             General Physics I and II                         

 Students must have a “C” grade or better in all courses in the major field and also in the courses listed as “additional requirements."

The biology department highly recommends that students achieve competence in the use of computers for word processing, graph and spreadsheet construction, and PowerPoint presentations before enrolling in upper level courses.  Students should consider enrolling in Introduction to Computers (CSC 2003) if their background in computer use is weak.   

Transfer Credits: Transfer students must successfully complete three upper-level biology courses at Henderson before biology courses taken elsewhere will be considered for transfer to their degree program here.  A science course taken elsewhere as freshman/sophomore class but offered at Henderson as junior/senior class may be applied to the degree, upon substitution of a junior/senior class agreed upon by the department and the student.  Students already enrolled in the program should consult with the department prior to enrolling in science courses at other institutions.   

Registration Policy: Priority registration for major’s courses will be reserved for students enrolling in those courses for the first time.  Biology majors wishing to repeat a course in biology must wait until the end of priority registration to enroll in that class.  This includes courses that were completed and courses in which the student withdrew or was dropped. Students with extenuating circumstances may petition the department for waiver of this requirement.   

Standardized Examination:  In their final semester, students are required to achieve a department mandated score on a standardized examination.

Teacher Licensure:  Due to frequent changes in licensure regulations, consult with an advisor for specific requirements.

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