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Welcome Aviation Alumni! Henderson's Department of Aviation will post links and information on this page we think will be of interest to our graduates. Please e-mail us any questions or suggestion you have. Thanks!


Stay Informed and Keep Us Informed

Henderson's Department of Aviation is actively collecting current information on Henderson Aviation alumni. Many good things are in the works and we would like to spread the news. So please e-mail us your contact information so that we can in turn e-mail you of current and important events. Whatever information you provide will not be posted or distributed for any reason - it will only be used to contact you.

We would also like to know about where you work and what you do. Please feel free to send us any information about you and your job that you might like to share with the department such as who you fly for and what equipment you fly. Pictures of you with your aircraft are always welcome (in fact, we need some for recruiting posters if anyone is interested).

Donating to the Department of Aviation

Many alumni have expressed an interest in making donations to the Department of Aviation. We have several funds or endowments to which you can contribute. To ensure you donation goes to the fund you choose, please follow the guidlines below:

Gifts of cash, check, or money order should be payable and sent to HSU Foundation, HSU Box 7540, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001.

To ensure proper handling of your gift, please indicate on the check or on an enclosed note the area toward which you wish to contribute:
    Amanda Powell scholarship endowment
    Dexter Florence scholarship endowment
    Aviation Building Fund
    The Aviation Fund (for the department’s general use)
    The Dr. Jerry Robinson Aviation Scholarship
    The Jim Smedley/Alpha Eta Rho Scholarship
    Randy Holland Memorial Scholarship
    Other Henderson programs of your choice

Please also provide
    the names and addresses of all donors for acknowledgement purposes.
    the names and addresses of those to whom notification should be sent, if your gift is in memory or in honor of an individual or event.

The Department sincerely appreciates you continued interest and support. Thank you. 

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