Records Type Generally Accepted by the University Archives

Accreditation Records
Annual Reports
Audio Tapes
Audit Reports (Internal and External)
Awards, Honors, Fellowships, Scholarships (Students, Faculty, Staff)
Broadsides and Posters
Building Plans or Blueprints
Case Files
Catalogs or Academic Schedules
Clipping Files
Committee Files (System, University, College, or Department)
Conflict of Interest Records
Constitutions and By-laws (Affiliated Organizations or Groups)
Departmental Administrative Files
Events Programs and Promotional Materials
Faculty Publications
Faculty and Staff Meeting Minutes and Records
Film and Video Productions
Funded Grant Proposals and Reports
Histories of the Unit or Division
Inactive Faculty and Academic Staff Personnel Files
Legal Case Files (affidavits, orders, briefs, testimony transcript, etc.)
Maps and Site Plans
Newsletters and Departmental Publications
Organizational Charts
Photographs, Slides and Negatives
Planning Reports and Documents
Policy and Administrative Correspondence
Policy and Administrative Memoranda
Policies and Rules
Policies and Procedure Manuals
Press Releases and Clipping
Promotion and Tenure Files
Publication and Newsletters (produced by the unit)
Research Reports
Scripts (programs or presentations)
Scrapbooks for Unit or Affiliated Organization
Search or Screening Committee Files
Student Honorary Society Records
Studies (Regarding the Institute or Department)
Video and Film Productions

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