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FAA and Other Useful Aviation Links

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FAA's Home Page
FAA Safety Team
FAA Aviation Digital Data Service 
FAA's Pilot Web (TFRs & NOTAMs)
FAA's Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Locator
FAA's Medical Express
FAA's Little Rock Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) 
FAA's Practical Test Standards (PTS)
FAA's Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (FAR)
FAA's On-line Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) 

SGL Submission 

NASA's "A Pilot's Guide to In-Flight Icing"


On-line Sectional
See and Avoid
LRAFB Training Routes from See and Avoid
General Aviation IFR Flight Tracker
Flight Aware

Arkansas Department of Aeronautics

City of Arkadelphia

Arkansas Course Transfer System



Professional Aviation Organizations

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Organization (AOPA)
Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
Women in Aviation International (WAI)
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)

Scholarship Information

There are both Henderson and non-Henderson scholarships available. For information on scholarships provided by Henderson as well other financial aid options please click here. For non-Henderson scholarship information please click on the following links (each link will open in a new browser window):

Aviation Industry Scholarship Information provided by
AOPA Air Safety Foundation Scholarship Information
ICAS Foundation - GAMA Scholarship
Careers In
Aviation Scholarships and Grants
Fund My Future Scholarship Search (Great site for Arkansans looking for scholarships) 

Aviation Job Links

Airline Addresses


Garmin 430 Simulator Download
Garmin 430 Pilot's Guide and Reference
Garmin 430 Quick Reference
Garmin 430 FDE Prediction Instructions
Garmin 430 VFR Usage Briefing --MS PowerPoint format

Avidyne FlightMax EX500 Interactive Training Software

Piper Arrow (PA-28R-201) General Briefing
Piper Arrow Avidyne Checkout Syllabus
Piper Arrow Aircraft Checkout Grade Sheet

Bendix/King KLN-89B Simulator Download

VOR Interactive Simulator

TSA Recurrent Training Presentation
    (The recurrent training presentation will open in a separate window)

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