Computer and Communication Services

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Technology is an ever growing part of each and every one of our lives.  With a growing dependence on technology, it becomes increasingly important for systems to be updated and maintained.  This job falls directly on The Computer and Communication Services department which is also the backbone for anything technology based at Henderson State University.


Common Services Provided

In the Computer and Communication Services department, part of our goal is to provide technology and to facilitate its uses.  The primary areas that are managed by Computer and Communication Services include the Computer labs on campus and any central technology services used by students, faculty and staff (communication, network/internet connections, etc.).  The most notable resource available to students is the Foster Technology Center which is found on the first floor of Foster.  Should you have any questions or issues with any of these provided services, the HelpDesk should be able to assist you.  Please review our Technology Usage Guidelines prior to using any HSU technology.


myHenderson is Henderson's intranet, and it is managed by Computer and Communication Services.  Every student and Henderson employees can have access to myHenderson.  This is where any important document links related to a student or Henderson employee's tenure at Henderson can be found.  For instance, myHenderson contains ways for students to pull up an unofficial transcript, check that semester's account status, view financial aid, etc.  It also allows faculty and staff to input grades, e-mail students by class, view pay stubs, etc.

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