Tutoring Assistance

Student Support Services currently offers free one-on-one tutoring to eligible participants for numerous subjects offered on campus.  Some of these include:
Algebra, Accounting A , B, Biology, Chemistry, English, Masters of Western Lit. etc.  For a full listing select here.

If the course is not listed, SSS students are advised to contact the tutor coordinator, Mrs. Debbie Miller, at 230-5251 to request tutoring in any area. Students are encouraged to make full use of tutoring service for regularly scheduled tutoring, special projects and papers, Praxis tutoring, and for studying for exams.

Henderson State University Student Support Services offers 2 types of tutoring for eligible participants in its program. They are:

•One-on-one tutoring scheduled between the student and tutor

•One-on-one tutoring is where the student and tutor schedule a time and place to meet that is convenient for both. Public areas such as class buildings, SSS Office, SSS tutoring center, the library or the commuter lounge are recommended. SSS students may receive up to 3 hours tutoring per week, per subject and may be tutored in more than one subject.

•Drop-in tutoring in certain buildings at specific times

•Drop-in tutoring is offered with a tutor assigned to the SSS office at specific hours. These sessions are limited to high demand subjects such as Math and Science. If SSS participants need tutoring in these subjects, they are welcome to drop in for help without an appointment

•All Tutoring Services are Free for SSS participant

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