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Mission Statement

 Mission, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement of the Department of Nursing
The mission of the Henderson State University Department of Nursing is to provide both a liberal and professional nursing education to produce safe, novice generalist nurses. Graduates of this program will demonstrate an understanding of theory as it relates to nursing practice. This program prepares professional nurses to pursue higher education.

Department of Nursing Goals
1. Prepare a professional nurse generalist.
2. Educate nurses in holistic concepts of humanity, environment, and health.
3. Prepare a professional nurse who recognizes and uses resources for nursing and health care in the community.
4. Prepare professional nurses who understand the role of research and theory to improve nursing and health care.
5. Provide a foundation for advanced study of nursing.

BSN Student Learning Outcomes
1. Assume responsibility and accountability in the role of the professional nurse.
2. Analyze theoretical and empirical data when planning nursing care.
3. Determine resources necessary to promote and maintain conditions for optimum health.
4. Apply findings from nursing and healthcare research when planning nursing and health care.
5. Analyze concepts of professional nursing necessary for effective and efficient client care delivery.

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