Tutorial Services - One-on-one tutoring is available for eligible participants upon request for all general education classes or courses from within the major field of study. Tutors are carefully selected based on their understanding of the subject they are tutoring and receive training in how to mentor tutees in good study habits and study strategies.

Career Selection - Students are encouraged to explore career choices using the ACT E-Discover Career Planning program available through the SSS office. This program will provide a private profile of a student's strengths and interests and allow the student access to a current database of occupations and college majors. ACT's World of Work organizes occupations into six clusters, parallel to Hollands Hexagon, to help users focus on preparing for career options that fit them best. Try it today.

Computer Labs - SSS has two modern computer labs providing students access to 14 computer stations. SSS helps new students with computer student account questions; provides software to assist with course requirements; has the most modern scanners available in both labs; provides color and black-and-white printers for school related educational needs.

Office Equipment - Copy machine and fax machine for school or educational needs.

Workshops - SSS offers workshops that deal with a wide range of topics such as: Study Skills and Study Strategies, Etiquette, Stress and time Management, Laptop computer use, and How to Get a Job and Keep It.

Cultural Events - SSS provides free tickets for events on campus that provide cultural enrichment for the student. SSS also attempts to travel to locations off-campus that can provide educational and cultural awareness.

Financial Aid Information - SSS attempts to keep current information available on scholarships and grants to encourage students to broaden the means by which their education is financed. Education Specialists assist SSS students with filing the FAFSA update on-line. SSS scholarships and grants are available on a limited basis for SSS students who have become active in the program for at least one full semester and meet other criteria required for awards.


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