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Auditions and Scholarships for Music

Music scholarships are available to Music majors and non-majors for participation in Band and Choir.  Additionally, these scholarships can be combined with Academic Scholarships, resulting in an excellent university education at a very affordable price!


Music scholarships are offered to talented, deserving students based on a competitive audition and are awarded to students who plan to study music or another discipline.  To be considered for an HSU Music Scholarship, you must attend one of our audition days or schedule an audition by contacting Dr. Carrie Pawelski (Director of Bands), Dr. Ryan Fox (Director of Choral Activities), Dr. Hee-Kyung Juhn (Director of Keyboard Activities), or the appropriate instrumental/vocal instructor.


Contact information

  • Dr. Carrie Pawelski (Director of Bands):, 870-230-5054
  • Dr. Ryan Fox (Director of Choral Activities):, 870-230-5053
  • Dr. Hee-Kyung Juhn (Director of Keyboard Activities):, 870-230-5017

Additional phone numbers and email addresses can be found on the Department of Music Faculty page. High school students are urged to audition early in their senior year!  To receive priority consideration you should plan to audition no later than February 15.  

Audition Information

Your audition is performed in front of the major Ensemble Director and the appropriate applied music teacher. This audition gives you an opportunity to display your ability, meet the faculty, and ask us any questions you may have about the Department of Music and Henderson State University. Additionally, the audition provides us with an opportunity to make recommendations regarding any musical areas that you may wish to address prior to enrolling at HSU. 


The instrumental audition should include two contrasting musical selections (etudes or solo pieces), one lyrical and one technical.  High school all-region audition music satisfies this requirement.  Scales and sight-reading are usually requested as well.


The keyboard audition should include at least two prepared pieces in contrasting styles, one of which should be performed from memory.  The audition will also include sight-reading and a short interview.  The student should bring a short list of piano repertoire that he/she has studied over the past two years.

All Henderson State University students (music majors and non-majors) are eligible to audition for a vocal scholarship. The audition includes singing a prepared song (from the standard vocal literature), sight-reading, vocalizing, and a brief interview. Auditions are held in the choir room, Russell Fine Arts Building, room 116. An accompanist is provided for all scheduled auditions. Your music teacher can help you pick an appropriate song, or you may visit for suggestions.

2013-14 Vocal Audition Dates

January 18, 2014, 1:00p.m.
February 15, 2014,  1:00p.m.
March 8, 2014,  10:00a.m.

To schedule an audition, contact Dr. Ryan Fox at or (870) 230-5053

Additional Audition Advice

The following are basic words of wisdom for anyone performing an audition:

    • Dress for the occasion
    • Present a professional image (you get only one chance to make a first impression)
    • Take control of the situation (plan what you are going to play and do)
    • Be on time and warmed up
    • Make sure your instrument and reeds are working properly
    • Introduce yourself and your repertoire
    • Speak clearly and look people in the eye
    • Know correct pronunciations of composers and compositions
    • Communicate if you have a legitimate problem (long before the audition)


 “The undergraduate education in music that I received from Henderson has changed my life by opening doors for me both educationally and professionally. It prepared me for success by giving me the tools necessary to be a successful music educator. My BME achieved at Henderson afforded me opportunities for success in graduate and post graduate studies as well as professional advancement in addition to allowing my family and me the employment and thus financial security that is so precarious today without such educational opportunities. I am grateful to Henderson State University.”

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Kevin TaylorBachelor of Music - Education (Instrumental), 1982
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