October 28, 2013 minutes

Henderson State University
Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2013
Dawson Room, 4:00PM

Present: Debra Coventry, co-chair; Brett Serviss, co-chair; Wrenette Tedder; Claire Howard; Pam Ligon; Maurie Maestas; Ronnie Monroe; Lenette Jones; Joyce Shepherd; Karen Spradlin; Sheryl Strother; Bob Yehl

Absent: Nathan Campbell; Bernie Hellums; Ginger Otwell; Drew Smith; David Warren

Meeting called to order at 4:01PM by Dr. Brett Serviss.

Minutes from the September 23, 2013 meeting were approved as amended.

The regularly scheduled meeting on October 21 was postponed until October 28, 2013. Next scheduled meeting will be November 4, 2013 at 4:00PM in the Dawson Room. 

Old Business:

Program/Unit Noncompliance Progress Report
Ms. Wrenette Tedder, Director of Assessment, provided a list which included 17 academic and non-academic noncompliant units.  Four units have made progress since June; the extended deadline for completing assessment plans is October 28.  There was discussion regarding the reason for continued noncompliance.  Ms. Claire Howard suggested that the noncompliant units be contacted and surveyed in order to determine the specific reasons for noncompliance.

General Education Progress Report
The General Education Committee has met and analyzed last year’s general education assessment data.  They are planning ways to share the data with the stakeholders.  The committee has also drafted a feedback survey on the assessment rubric as well as the assessment process itself.

At the last meeting, the General Education Committee created a presentation with slides and audio to explain the use of the rubrics and importance of general education assessment. 

Assessment Newsletter
Dr. Bernie Hellums, Dr. Brett Serviss, and Ms. Wrenette Tedder will be writing articles for the next Assessment Newsletter.  Articles are due November 1.

Assessment Training Workshop
Dates are to be determined.  Dr. Coventry will assist Ms. Tedder in securing a location for the workshops.

New Business:

Action Plan for Evaluating Program/Unit Assessment Plans
The Assessment Team will begin the process of detailed review and evaluation of academic and administrative program/unit assessment plans in order to provide feedback to assist with plan development and improvement for each program/unit. 

General Education Feedback Survey -
The General Education committee plans to gather feedback on the Liberal Arts Core Assessment rubrics by conducting a follow-up survey.  Dr. Coventry distributed the survey draft to the Team.


Ms. Karen Spradlin has accepted a position in another division of the university and will no longer be eligible to represent the Office of the President.  Ms. Pam Ligon agreed to act as Secretary for the Assessment Team for the remainder of her term ending June 30, 2014.

Meeting adjourned by Dr. Serviss at 4:56PM.

Respectfully submitted by
Karen Spradlin

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