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Mission Statement

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 The mission of the Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy is to provide students with a strong background in English, French, German, and Spanish languages and literature, as well as philosophy.

The English curriculum is designed to provide all students with effective reading, thinking, and writing skills and with a sound knowledge and appreciation of the English language and the great literature of Western civilization. The Department is also responsible for ensuring that English majors and minors gain a thorough knowledge of American, English, and world literature. Students majoring or minoring in English also acquire the analytic skills and aesthetic sensibilities which enable them to read, understand, appreciate, and evaluate significant works of literature. The professional mission of the Department in English instruction is to produce quality graduates who possess the knowledge and skills necessary for success as public school teachers, graduate students, students of law, or professionals in the world of government and business.

The foreign language curriculum is designed to meet the varying needs for linguistic competence in today's world. The emphasis in the first two years of study is on the acquisition of functional language skills and on the development of an understanding of the contemporary cultures of the countries involved. As students progress to the more advanced levels, they further refine their communicative language skills while having the opportunity to study literature, culture, and civilization. The professional mission of the Department in foreign languages is to build, first of all, a useful degree of functional language skills and cultural sensitivity. Through the study of foreign languages, students become acquainted with other modes of thought, expression, and cultural perspective and have the opportunity to experience literary masterpieces in their original languages. Courses are available leading to the major and minor in Spanish and to minors in French and German. 



 “Attending Henderson helped me achieve my goal to attain a college degree and it continues to help me strive towards all of the goals I have set for my life!”

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Jason JohnstonBachelor of Arts - English, 2007
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