October 8, 2012 Minutes

 Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Galloway Room, 4:00 p.m.
October 8, 2012

Present: Margaret Hoskins, Lenette Jones, Pam Ligon, Robbie Monroe, Ginger Otwell, Brett Serviss Joyce Shepherd, Blake Smith, Karen Spradlin, Sheryl Strother, Wrenette Tedder, Bob Yehl

Absent: Debra Coventry, Chad Fielding, Phillip Schroeder

Next Meeting: October 22, 2012

Wrenette Tedder called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Galloway Room. Chairman Schroeder was unable to attend today’s meeting. Updates from Team representatives about communications with units. Members discussed the types of communication they have had with their units. Wrenette encouraged everyone to continue their dialogues.
Discussion of the General Studies/Liberal Arts core assessment process. Dr. Beach will be asked to attend one of the next meetings to discuss the committee’s progress.

Discussion: Selection process for new members: faculty, staff, and student. Bob Yehl gathered former Assessment Team membership information from the Committee on Committee records. A lengthy discussion took place as to how to select future members. The team suggested that members serve three to four-year terms. A four-year term limit was most favorable. One third of the membership would rotate off beginning June 2014. A chair would be selected only after the Team identified membership.

Assessment Committee
2003-2004 through 2012-2013
Teachers College 1
Business 1
Ellis College 1
VP Academic Affairs 1
VP Finance 1
VP Student Services 1
VP University Relations 1
Office of President 1
Graduate Student 1 Selected by Graduate dean
Undergraduate 1 Selected by SGA
Director of Assessment 1 (chair)
Institutional Research 1 (ex-oficio)
Tedder, Chair, Otwell ex-oficio, Bruce Smith (2005), Carl Stark (2005), Haroon Khan (2005), Bob Yehl (2006), Jennifer Holbrook (2005), Pam Ligon (2006), Susan Collie (2006), David Thigpen (2006), Dawn Higgs, Thomas Nichols 2004-2005

Same makeup as 2003-2004. Lecia Franklin (2006) took Susan Collie’s place. Tisha Smith and Robert Miranda were the students.

Same makeup as 2004-2005. Haroon Khan and Jennifer Holbrook changed to (2006). Jessica Childs and Anmol Bhatia were the students.

Same makeup as 2005-2006. Ron Dewlen (2007), Karen Spradlin (2007), Flora Weeks (2007) added. Bruce Smith, Jennifer Holbrook off. All others changed to (2007). Anmahl and Kathryn Woodall were the students.

Same makeup as 2006-2007. Patricia Weaver, Margaret Hoskins, Phillip Schroeder on. Lecia Franklin, Pam Ligon, Karen Spradlin, Flora Weeks, Bob Yehl, Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell carried over. All dates removed from terms. Terri Boone and Lauren Larey were the students.

Same makeup as 2007-2008. Bernie Hellums, Nathan Campbell, and David Thigpen on. Weaver, Hoskins, and Weeks off. Committee members, Schroeder, Yehl, Franklin, Ligon, Spradlin carried over. Megan Harness and Lauren Watters were listed as students. Phillip Schroeder listed as chair. Brett Serviss added to replace Jane Dunn.

“Committee appointments for 2009-2010 will not change. Changes to the university committee structure could occur following review by the Strategic Planning Council.”

First time noted that there will be a representative from VP for External Affairs instead of VP for University Relations. First time: three faculty members selected by the Ellis College dean. And, “A chair person is elected from within the Assessment Committee. If the chair position is vacant, an initial meeting will be called by the Director of Assessment to elect one. If a faculty member is elected, an additional faculty member is appointed from that respective school.” Chair, Phillip Schroeder. Other members (no term dates): Tedder, Otwell, Hellums, Margaret Hoskins, Brett Serviss, Deborah Coventry, Joyce Shepherd, Yehl, Franklin, Ligon, Spradlin, Lynette Bailey. Students: Hope Warner and Jeff Bailey
(Chad Fielding not listed.)

Same makeup as 2010-2011. Same representatives as 2010-2011 except Keri Burkman and Blake Smith are the students on the committee. No dates for terms.

Same makeup as 2011-2012. Ronnie Monroe for Hellums. Sheryl Strother and Chad Fielding appear on committee list. Blake Smith and a grad student TBD. All other reps carried over. No dates for terms.

Discussion of the Assessment Team Chair position. The Team unanimously recommended Phillip Schroeder to continue serving as chair for another year with the option of extension. He has served admirably as both leader and chair. Wrenette will convey the Team’s wishes.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:45p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Ligon, secretary

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