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In the spring of 2009, President Welch appointed members of the faculty, staff and students to a Strategic Planning Council. The committee was charged with developing a 5-year, ongoing strategic plan for the university that would be formulated around the five criteria set by the Higher Learning Commission:

  • Mission and Integrity
  • Preparing for the Future
  • Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  • Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  • Engagement and Service

Since then, the committee has met numerous times to create a set of goalswhich are challenging but realistically achieveable, to move the university in a direction of success. The council is as follows:

Criterion 1: Chair, Ms. Dusty Schmid, Administrative Assistant, Teachers College, Henderson; Dr. Marck Beggs, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor; Ms. Vikita Hardwick, Director of University Relations and Admissions; Mr. Bobby Jones, Vice-President of Finance; Ms. Heidi Vix, Assistant Librarian; Mr. Hank Wilson, Chair of Department of Aviation.

Criterion 2: Chair, Mr. George Finkle, Online Learning Services Coordinator; Ms. Cathy Bell, Assistant Controller; Dr. Nathan Campbell, Assistant Professor of Management; Dr. Jeffrey Hamm, Dean of School of Business; Ms. Pam Ligon, Associate Dean of Student Services, Dr. Maralyn Sommer, Dean of Ellis College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Celya Taylor, Assistant Professor of Advanced Instructional Studies.

Criterion 3: Chair, Dr. Barbara Landrum, Chair of Department of Nursing; Mr. Jeffrey Bailey, Student; Ms. Yvette Bragg, Administrative Assistant, Graduate School; Mr. Chad Fielding, Dean of Student Services; Mr. Tom Gattin, Registrar; Dr. Margaret Hoskins, Professor of Accounting; Mr. Doug Syler, Financial Computing Coordinator; Dr. Patrick Wempe, Associate Professor of Recreation.

Criterion 4:Chair, Mr. Jim Duke, Planetarium Manager; Dr. Clint Atchley, Professor of English; Ms. Lecia Franklin, Controller; Dr. Judy Harrison, Dean of Teachers College, Henderson; Dr. Gail Stephens, Vice-President of Student Services; Ms. Wrenette Tedder, Director of Assessment.

Criterion 5: Chair, Ms. Kathy Taylor, Director of Human Resources; Ms. Lenette Bailey, Assistant Senior Woman’s Administrator; Dr. Jamie Engman, Chair of Department of Biology; Ms. Tammi Wardlaw, Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant; Dr. Vernon Miles, Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs; Dr. Patti Miley, Chair of Department of Family and Consumer Sciences; Dr. Lewis Shepherd, Vice-President of External Programs; Ms. Tiffany Templeton, Student.


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